3214197147_a36c631f71Let’s start with finding out What Are Mindsets?

Mindsets are chosen attitudes or intentions that determine a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.

Often times we’ve set limits on ourselves without even realizing what we’ve done. We then carry those limitations around with us for years, sometimes even a lifetime.

It started as a child when we formed our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world around us.  As we grew, we amassed impressions about how we look, what we thought about school, our friends, athletic abilities, money and whatever we came across.  Some of those things caused us joy, laughter, pain and grief and these are the experiences that helped shape our mindset.

Now that we’ve covered how a mindset comes about, let us discuss some of the limitations of your beliefs.

The first question that you should be asking yourself is…

How Is The Cumulative Mindset You’ve Amassed Treating You“?

Are you finding yourself completely successful in all of the things you do?

If you are, then you won’t need to make any changes because you’re doing everything perfectly and there’s nothing (your attitude) getting in your way to achieving all of your goals.

Well congratulations are in order since you are in the 1% of the highest performers of this world.  Hey maybe, you can tell me how you do it cause I sure would like to know.  It’s time to step up to reality and give yourself a thorough understanding of who you are and where are you going?

My understanding of mindset is such that it requires continual tuning in order to move forward.  This means the deleting or letting go of certain ideas that are no longer working.

The process requires taking on a more innovative mindset, which simply allows you to look at your world as though you were an innovator.

You may now have a new perspective, a new filter to experience life through, a new way of doing things that will render you a different result.

You must also realize that taking on a new mindset is experimental. In spite of this you may find yourself stuck, unable to act as you’re accustomed to.  If you are having trouble taking on your chosen mindset here are few questions to ask yourself.

Who Else Lives In This Mindset?

Finding a role model can be a very valuable act since you’ll be able to learn from them by asking about their beliefs around this specific mindset.  You may be surprised to learn many who act with such confidence have merely found ways to get all their nervous butterflies to fly in formation.

Have I Ever Lived In This Mindset In The Past?

Go back and review your past.  Do you associate this mindset with any negative results from your past?  Put aside any judgment and explore your history.

What Else Would I Bring Into My Life If I Lived In This Mindset?

Exploring all the positives this mindset could bring into your life could provide you with additional positive motivational leverage.

What Would It Look Like To Live In This Mindset?

Break out your crystal ball and start envisioning your future.  Do you like what you see?  If you do then the next question might be…

If I Could Find A Way To Live/Use This Mindset, What Might I Have To Do First?

This is where you uncover the first step to living the mindset of your choice.  This is where you train your butterflies to fly in formation.

When you take the time to honestly explore these questions, you will uncover your limiting beliefs and you may even show some of your self-sabotaging behaviors in the process, but you will take a giant step towards claiming this magical and new, innovative mindset because now you are aware of what has been holding you back plus what could happen if you made this change and how to start this new, improved magical mindset process.

This is the beginning of your new magical mindset that will set you free to become the person you’d like to be.

The brain picture is courtesy of TZA.